extended-value2Passive Plus Inc. now offers an extended-value for the traditional NP0, Hi-Q 0505 and 1111 case size. These parts exhibit low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance as well as ultra-stable performance over temperature. Usually used for wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base stations, GPS, MRI, and radar applications and offered in magnetic and non-magnetic terminations. These capacitors are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123.

Available in 2 popular case sizes for RF/Microwave applications:

0505 C series:

  • Value Range: 0.1pF – 1000pF
  • Size: .055” x.055”
  • WVDC: 150V
  • Extended WVDC: 300V
  • TC: 0 +/- 30 PPM/°C (-55°C - +125°C)

1111 C series:

  • Value Range: 0.1pF – 10000pF
  • Size: .110” x .110”
  • WVDC: 500V
  • Extended WVDC: 1500V
  • TC: 0 +/- 30 PPM/°C (-55°C - +125°C)

Delivery is stock - 2 weeks. Engineering Design Kits for both cases sizes are available in magnetic and non-magnetic terminations.

The 1111 P/C series also is available in microstrip, axial and radial ribbon, and axial and radial wire.