The selection of Metrigraphics LLC as a second source for a tiny sensor substrate has bloomed into big business, with deliveries of the micro flex circuit surpassing 14 million units this month.  Metrigraphics works with designers and engineers to take their designs and fabricate them at rapid rates.  Currently, Metrigraphics can create sensors at a rate of 100,000+ units per week.
The produced sensors are then given to the Metrigraphics clients who apply the finishing touches that will transition them from sensors, into highly accurate monitors.
The relationship between Metrigraphics and the OEM represents many of the micro flex circuit maker's best capabilities including:

- Strong, effective collaboration between Metrigraphics' engineering staff and its customers to develop the best products for their applications
- A highly energized, single-minded production department, willing to do what it takes to meet a customers' delivery requirements
- Highly repeatable, carefully designed processes that create micro flex circuits with features in the 5-10 micron range

Qualifying variants of two designs, and working on a third, has been a challenge but being able to work so closely with our clients makes this incredible technical process more manageable. While these are single metal layer circuits, they embody the processes we utilize to make our Micro Flex Multilayer circuits: photolithography, thin film sputtering (metal traces) and spinning of polyimide for the dielectric layers.

Metrigraphics produces the circuit substrates in Class 1000 clean rooms, using a process that is both registered to ISO 9001-2008 and supplier approved.  We are proud of all the work we have done to get to this point and are looking forward to what we can achieve with our clients in the future!