Three-day, Instructor-led Course Helps Wireless Professionals Detect and Eliminate Interference in the Field for Optimum Wireless Network Performance —

Anritsu Company expands its industry leading training courses with the introduction of Interference Analysis (IA) Certification, a comprehensive, instructor-led training class to help wireless professionals locate interference sources. The three-day course has been developed by Anritsu to help cellular technicians, wireless carrier performance engineers, field engineers, and personnel from government, military and security agencies ensure optimum wireless network performance in an ever-crowding RF spectrum.  

Attendees will learn about theory, procedure, calculations, instrument use, measurement parameters, trace interpretation, case studies, and interpersonal communication strategies associated with interference analysis. At the conclusion of the three days, students will put that knowledge to use during a simulated interference hunt that serves as the final practical exam. All students who pass their practical exam will be Anritsu certified, and receive a photo ID badge and certificate of course completion.

“The explosion of wireless technologies has made RF interference a high-impact problem that can compromise communication services in every sphere of enterprise. Anritsu’s RF & Microwave Interference Analysis Certification teaches the best methods to locate those troublesome hidden sources of interference and correct the problems,” said Bob Cooper, Customer Support Manager at Anritsu.

The RF & Microwave Interference Analysis Certification is part of the expanding training opportunities provided by Anritsu to wireless professionals. All Anritsu certifications represent completion of rigorous training and assessment requiring demonstration of knowledge, hands-on skills and best practices.

Public classes are now open for registration in various US locations. Private sessions are also available, based on instructor availability. To learn more or register for a course, visit email