Ultra Wide Band AmplifiersVersatile Multi-Octave Amplifier Modules to 30GHz

A range of ultra wide band amplifiers with frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 30 GHz has just been released by AtlanTecRF.

Designed to be both economical and versatile, the amplifiers include a model to operate over 0.05 to 20.0 GHz in one unit with 24 dB gain, +23 dBm output power and less than 4 dB noise figure, while another spans 12.0 to 30.0 GHz with 30 dB gain, +20 dBm output power and just over 3 dB noise figure.

Karen McDermott, AtlanTecRF’s marketing co-ordinator, said “It’s a great new range of gain modules for system and test equipment engineers alike. The wide bandwidths and good all-round performance characteristics make these amplifiers suitable for so many applications that having some available on-the-shelf can turn round production and development requirements very speedily without being costly.”

The stainless steel RF input and output connectors are mostly SMA female or 2.92mm where the frequency dictates. Housings can be aluminium alloy or copper, gold plated, as required and the operating temperature range of all models is -45 to +85C.

Another important feature is the high IP3 performance, up to +38dBm while reverse isolation is often greater than 65dB and all operated from a convenient +12V DC input.