Advantech Wireless, a privately-held Canadian corporation and manufacturer of Satellite, RF Equipment and Microwave Systems, announced that its S4120 VSAT terminal has been selected by a major government services organization in Latin America to support multiple services including enterprise, critical infrastructure, COTM, 3G & 4G mobile backhaul and broadband access.

Advantech Wireless' S4120 VSAT terminals are DVB-RCS compliant and fully support DVB-S2 ACM/VCM/CCM capability. They are optimized to achieve high-performance and quick response time to bandwidth requests for professional, enterprise and governmental applications in an economical fashion.

“This significant contract is a strong testimony of Advantech Wireless’ capabilities and customer confidence in our advanced solutions,” stated John Landovskis, VP PLM & business development, VSAT & modem products. “Advantech Wireless’ platform has been seamlessly integrated as an expansion of a previous deployment. The deployed network capacity for the Hub is to support more than 20,000 VSAT terminals.“

Thousands of the S4120 VSAT terminals can populate a DVB-RCS compliant network. The S4120 from Advantech Wireless offers powerful connectivity directly to the LAN/WAN environment or directly to a host computer. The S4120 performance provides bandwidth-on-demand. Designed to support unicast, multicast or broadcast traffic up to 155 Mbps on the forward link (hub to remote terminal), with the choice of standardized DVB-S2 (CCM, VCM, ACM) with roll-off down  to 10 percent, and up to 8 Mbps transmission on the return link (remote terminal to hub), the S4120 is ideally suited for all business needs.

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