Skyworks Solutions, Inc., an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets, announced that a family of groundbreaking diversity receive modules (DRx) for LTE smartphones is currently ramping with several tier-one manufacturers. This new product category leverages Skyworks' systems level expertise and techniques developed for cellular base stations to create a highly innovative solution integrating multiple low loss RF switches, receive SAW filters and LNAs to dramatically enhance downlink data rates in LTE advanced MIMO systems. By amplifying the receive signal without increasing noise, receiver sensitivity is improved depending upon the band. As a result, carriers benefit from improved network efficiency while consumers enjoy considerably faster download speeds.

"Skyworks is delivering analog innovation and pushing the performance envelope," said David Stasey, vice president and general manager of analog solutions atSkyworks. "Our new diversity receive modules create a performance differentiator for LTE applications and demonstrate Skyworks' device and systems level expertise, expanding product portfolio and integration capabilities. Further, we continue to capitalize on the need for highly specialized solutions that are driving significantly higher addressable content opportunities."

Approximately 75 percent of network traffic on mobile devices is on the downlink or receive side. Skyworks' highly integrated DRx modules maximize data throughput, minimize complexity and reduce overall footprint, thereby helping mobile communication networks deliver increasing amounts of data.

More information about the SKY13529-11, SKY13568-11 and SKY13569-11 diversity receive modules may be found at or visit Skyworks' website at