Analog Devices Inc. introduced two Ka-Band devices for use in single-carrier satellite communications. The HMC7053 block upconverter and HMC7054 high-power amplifier (HPA) operate in the 29- to 31-GHz frequency output range, feature -60-dBc spurious-free dynamic range performance and cover both commercial and military bands while meeting military environmental conditions.

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The HMC7053 fully integrated Ka-Band block upconverter is upconvertered to 29 to 31 GHz at a linear output power of -30 to 5 dBm. The device features a 1 to 2 GHz dual input IF at 0 dBm typical and 20 dB conversion gain. The new module was designed with a dual upconversion scheme to ensure no phase inversion and maximum spurious rejection. Other features include dual L-band inputs, an SMA input and a 2.9-mm output connector, digital gain control and thermal monitoring and gain compensation.

The HMC7054 fully integrated Ka-Band HPA achieves linear output power of 37 dBm, a 42dB small signal gain and operates at 5 V while drawing 14 amps. The new device has a 2.9-mm input connector and WR28 waveguide output. Both the block upconverter and HPA are designed for conduction cooling and operate over the -20 ° to +80 °C temperature range.