MITEQ Inc. introduces a new addition, model AMF-4D-00501800-40-26P, to its family of rugged, single bias coaxial amplifiers. This amplifier has over 30 dB of gain from 1 to 26 GHz, in a housing that is only 1" long and 0.83" wide without the field replaceable K-connectors. Gain flatness is a maximum of ±02 dB, though typical is ±1 dB.

The AMF-4D-00501800-40-26P has a maximum noise figure of 4.0 dB in the full band. This unit operates from -40° to +75°C of base temperature, has a P1 dB minimumof 26 dBm, IP3 of typically 33 dBm, and a current draw of maximum 650 mA from a single +15 V DC supply. Composite metal body with a CuW base provides excellent thermal characteristics while the Kovar body allows for hermetic sealing if required.

With its built-in sequencing, regulation and protection, only a single positive bias is required. This model is also RoHS compliant. For more information visit