Coilcraft has launched an all-new RF Inductor Finder web tool that allows users to search and compare inductors based on their exact operating frequency, rather than just datasheet test frequencies. The new tool also lets users optimize search results for Q factor, footprint, SRF, impedance, price or inductance.

Users of Coilcraft's RF Inductor Finder can also search for a range of inductances, specify a minimum Q at their operating frequency, and select a particular body size (with the option to include smaller sizes). The new tool also provides a better user experience with the ability to move and delete columns, view only selected products, see actual-size photos, export results to Excel or PDF, and, as always with Coilcraft, request free evaluation samples.

Coilcraft's new RF Inductor Finder incorporates many of the features of other stand-alone tools like their Actual L at Frequency Finder, Highest Q Finder, and Highest Impedance Finder. These single-purpose tools will also continue to be available on Coilcraft's website for users who prefer them.

Users can access Coilcraft's new RF Inductor Finder at: