Richardson RFPD Inc. announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new wideband, 6-bit digital attenuator from M/A-COM Technology Solutions.

The MAAD-011021 is offered in both bare die and in a 3 mm PQFN package, operating from DC–40 GHz (an industry first for a 6-bit digital attenuator) and DC–30 GHz, respectively.

The device provides up to 31.5 dB of attenuation in 0.5 dB steps, with attenuation error typically less than +/- 0.5 dB, and RMS phase error less than 5 degrees at 20 GHz. The MAAD-011021 features integrated TTL digital control and is fully matched across the bandwidth of operation, enabling simple and fast implementation. It is ideally suited for broadband applications, including military radar and radio systems, test equipment, and commercial microwave radio and satellite links.

To find more information, or to purchase this product today online, please visit the MAAD-011021-DIE and MAAD-011021-TR5 webpages. The device is also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America); or please find your local sales engineer (worldwide) at Local Sales Support. To learn about additional products from MACOM, please visit the MACOM storefront webpage.