Empower RF Systems' broadband, high power amplifiers with compelling performance, industry leading small size, and user interface / functionality dares to challenge legacy products offered in the market.  Highlighted will be two different models  -  both covering 20 to 1,000 MHz  -  1 kW in a 5U chassis and 500 W in an even smaller, 3U chassis. 

In addition to industry leading size / weight / power performance, the demonstration team will be exercising system software that enables user selection of specific operational modes  -  e.g., Automatic Gain Control (AGC) with Peak Power detection, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) with RMS Power detection,  Automatic Level Control (ALC) with Peak Power detection, Automatic Level Control (ALC) with RMS Power detection, and Manual Gain Control (MGC).  This array of operational and power detection modes provides maximum flexibility for the end user in the deployment of these power amplifiers.  The fact that we will be controlling these amplifiers through a wireless connection and highlighting diagnostics and remote control features through an iPad is equally impressive and, we believe, also industry leading. 

Visit Empower RF Systems at EMC 2014, Booth 311