2W9NBV-S1To protect space communication payload electronics, Renaissance has designed a 26.5 GHz microstrip isolator. The main features include compact size, low loss and high isolation. This device meets all of NASA's outgassing requirements. Some of the benefits include the capability of being used for space or harsh environments, protection of expensive amplifier circuits and optimization for space constrained applications.

Product Features

  • Use of space qualified hardware
  • High peak and average power handling
  • Compact size


  • Can be used for space or harsh environments
  • Protects expensive amplifier circuits
  • Optimized for space constrained applications


  • Frequency 26.25 GHz +/-0.25 GHz
  • Insertion loss 0.9 dB
  • Isolation 20 dB
  • VSWR 1.3: 1
  • Input Power 20 dBm
  • Output Load Infinite, all angles
  • Temperature -30 to 85 degree C
  • Size 0.239¨ x 0.480¨ x 0.2¨