Thales, one of the world's leading companies in the defense, aerospace and transportation markets, has chosen to procure radar transmitter/receiver (T/R) modules from Aselsan. The first order placed by Thales is for 100 units to be installed in the company’s SMART-S Mk2 radars, a globally popular 3-D search radar for naval platforms. Aselsan will start delivering the modules at the beginning July 2015.

T/R modules, which are essentially the units responsible for the transmission and reception of signals in radar systems, represent state-of-the-art radar technology and require highly specialized manufacturing infrastructure. Aselsan has recently attracted attention with a diverse portfolio of T/R modules that are indigenously developed for new generation radars at various frequency bands.

Benefiting from over 25 years heritage in microwave systems and substantial investment in microwave module design & production, Aselsan stands out as a supplier of high-end microwave units, leveraging combined advantages in both cost and performance aspects.