Innovative Integration, a trusted supplier of signal processing and data acquisition hardware and software solutions, today announced the FMC-500. The FMC-500 is a high-speed digitizing and signal generation FMC IO featuring two, 500 MSPS A/D channels. The module also provides a dual-channel 1230 MSPS DAC plus ultra low-jitter PLL sample clock and triggering features.
Support logic written in VHDL is provided for integration with FPGA carrier cards. Software tools for Innovative carrier cards are included at no charge and provide C++ libraries and drivers for Windows and Linux, 32 or 64-bit. 
The FMC-500 provides the basis for applications such as wireless receiver and transmitter, LTE, WiMAX physical layer, RADAR, medical Imaging, and high speed data recording and playback.
The FMC-5000 module features the following:
  • Two A/D Inputs
              -500 MSPS, 16-bit
              -AC or DC coupled
  • Two D/A Outputs
               -1230 MSPS, 16-bit
               -AC or DC coupled
  • Sample clocks and timing and controls
             -External clock/reference input
             -Programmable PLL
             -100 MHz, 0.5 ppm reference
             -Integrated with FMC triggers
  • FMC module, VITA 57.1
             -High Pin Count no SERDES required
             -Compatible with 2.5V VADJ
             -Power monitor and controls
  • Conduction Cooling per VITA 20 subset
  • 11.5W typical (AC-coupled inputs)
  • Environmental ratings for -40 to 85C, 9g RMS sine, 0.1g2/Hz random vibration