Guerrilla RF, Inc., a leading provider of high performance MMICs, is pleased to announce the introduction of our first family of broadband, low noise amplifiers featuring Guerrilla Armor™, our patented and proprietary architecture for insuring high off-state isolation for the LNA under high RF input power level conditions.

"Guerrilla Armor™" allows customer systems to achieve higher capacity and longer range for Wireless Backhaul, Carrier Class Access Points, Small Cell and Repeater products designed for 3G, 4G and LTE markets." states Ryan Pratt, Guerrilla RF’s Founder and CEO.

Guerrilla RF’s GRF2060 operates from 700-4000 MHz and features a 1.3 dB noise figure with 16 dB gain at 2 GHz. The GRF2062 operates from 700-5000 MHz and exhibits a 1.8 dB noise figure (typical) with 15 dB gain at 2 GHz. Both devices are operated from a single, positive supply voltage and are internally matched to 50Ω at the input and output ports. These products are available in an industry-standard 6-pin DFN package (1.5mm x 1.5mm).

"Guerrilla RF devices, with Guerrilla Armor™, enable new hardware designs that give carriers the capacity, range and reliability they need for the ever-increasing demands on our wireless infrastructure." According to Mr. Pratt "Guerrilla RF is focused on developing a broad portfolio of devices utilizing our Guerrilla Armor™ technology. We will introduce several new product families in the coming weeks and months"

The GRF2060 & the GRF2062 will be available for sampling in June of 2014.