Modelithics and Passive Plus, a valued Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP), are pleased to announce the availability of high-accuracy simulation models for a number of Passive Plus capacitor families.  The Modelithics COMPLETE Library, now contains microwave Global™ models  for Passive Plus 0505C and 1111C Low ESR capacitors, and the 0201N, 0402N, 0603N, and 0805N ultra-low ESR capacitor families. A Passive Plus broadband capacitor model (0201BB104) has also been added, and features validation up to 65GHz.  The models are substrate scalable, part-value scalable, pad scalable, and some are orientation selectable. All models will be included in the v11 Modelithics Library releases for Agilent ADS, NI/AWR Microwave Office, and Agilent Genesys.  Please visit the Passive Plus MVP page for more information, S-parameter downloads and to request  a free trial: