KOA Speer Electronics introduces two new current sensing resistors, the zero ohm SLZ and the 1W/2012 SLW07. The high current SLZ1 jumper chip offers a rated current of 44A in a 2512 size. The SLW07 has an enhanced high power rating of 1 W in a smaller package size of 2010.

KOA Speer's SLZ1 and SLW07 both feature a wide temperature range of -55° to +180°C. The SLZ1 has a max resistance of 0.5 mΩ and the SLW07 is available in 0.5 to100 mΩ in both 1 and 5 percent tolerances. The chips' special electrode shape easily absorbs thermal expansion and shrinkage stress. Made with a flame retardant molded construction providing high mechanical stability, these resistors are suitable for reflow, wave and iron soldering.

The resistors are ideal for industrial, automotive, telecommunication and consumer electronic markets, in applications such as DC to DC conversion and AC adaptors, notebook PCs, battery packs, motor controls, automotive engineering and management systems, and low impedance connections.

Both the zero ohm SLZ1 and enhanced power SLW07 sensing chip resistors are AEC-Q2000 qualified. Lead time is 12 weeks, please contact KOA Speer for more information.