Auriga's Nickolas Kingsley will present "Adaptive Amplifier Module Technique to Support Cognitive RF Architectures" at the upcoming 2014 IEEE Radar Conference in Cincinnati, OH on May 21, 2014.

 In the conference's Waveform Agile Radar Sensing and Processing I Session, Dr. Kingsley will introduce a new adaptive amplifier that is capable of significant performance improvements over conventional approaches for a variety of demanding RF applications (e.g., cognitive radio, radar, and electronic warfare). To dramatically reduce SWAP-C of this new device, the module relies on the indigenous compute and scheduling capabilities of the host system. For example, in the case of cognitive radar, the scheduler would signal the adaptive amplifier module with the nature of the signals to be transmitted and the optimal control voltage and tuning network profiles. In this manner, "intelligent adaption" is for the first time extended into the basic analog front-end subsystems. 

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