INTERLLIGENTis holding a seminar to formally launch its UK RF Test and Solutions Business. The seminar will take place at the Cambridge City Hotel, Cambridge, UK on Wednesday 25 June. Attendance is free for qualified industry professionals and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The authoritative programme will include presentations from leading technical and market intelligence experts. Prof. Steve Cripps, Distinguished Research Professor, University of Cardiff will consider: The secret life of a microwave power transistor, while Dr. Robin Sloan

Reader and Head of Microwave and Communication Systems Group, University of Manchester will offer his thoughts on: Zen and the art of on-wafer probing, pinpointing the steps required to ensure a ‘good’ calibration and what the engineer needs to be aware of while calibrating. He will consider various calibration techniques such as LRRM and TRL and how to lay out good standards for an engineer’s own on-wafer cal standards.

Dr. Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO and Founder, Lime Microsystemsw will present: Field programmable RF, a new class of integrated transceivers for the wireless communication market where he will outline the first example of a single chip FPRF radio is the subject of this presentation, covering all aspects of design, application and market for the technology.

GaN PAs for microwave line of sight link applicationswill be addressed by Liam Devlin, CEO, Plextek RF Integration who will describe the design of a PA for the 15 GHz line of sight link band using Cree’s 0.25 µm GaN on SiC process. Dror Regev, mm-Wave and RFIC transceiver design consultant, Terra Freedom will focus on different approaches for implementing Wide band instantaneous bandwidth up/down converters.

Taking a wider, industry view, Terry Edwards, Executive Director, Engalco Research will consider: The RF/Microwave industry in the UK and mainland Europe: Current status and future prospects. He will look at the approximate total monetary value of European markets in 2014 and prospectively in 2020, focusing mainly on some major suppliers of: materials (substrates, packages), components (passive and active), subsystems and systems.

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