2014-03-10 STG-12-S1 Noise Figure and Gain Test Set E BandModel STG-12-S1 is an E band noise figure and gain test set, which including a high performance solid-state E band noise source (STZ-12-I1) and a full waveguide band down converter (STC-20-12-S1). It extends the noise and gain measurement capacity from 10.0 to 15.0 GHz to the frequency range of 60 to 90 GHz.

The full waveguide band down converter requires a +10 dBm LO signal in the frequency range of 10.0 to 15.0 GHz. It converts 60 to 90 GHz input signal to 10 MHz to1.6GHz output signal with a typical conversion gain of 20dB. The DC input is +12Vdc/450 mA.

The noise source offers nominal 13dB ENR with extreme flatness in entire waveguide bandwidth from 60 to 90GHz. The noise source is integrated with a Faraday isolator to improve the port VSWR and load pull to result more stable and accurate noise figure measurement. The operating voltage of the noise source is at +18 to +28 Vdc and is applied via a BNC (F) connector.

The noise figure and gain test set in other frequency bands from 50 to140 GHz is also available from SAGE Millimeter, Inc. These extenders are designed to interface with industry standard noise/gain test systems or any noise/gain analyzers with an input frequency in the range of 10 MHz to 1.6 GHz capacity.