Medium-and-High-Power-RF-Loads-SQ (2)25, 50 and 100 W RF Loads Up to 18 GHz

Our new RF terminations come in 25, 50 and 100 W models and are offered with many connector configurations including male and female versions of SMA, N, TNC and 7/16 DIN. The 25 and 50 W models operate to 18 GHz, with the exception of the 7/16 DIN version, which is rated to 8 GHz. All of the 100 Watt RF loads operate to 8 GHz.

RF loads (also referred to as RF terminations) are commonly used in military/aerospace, defense and test and measurement applications in order to protect radios and amplifiers under test from excess power in the system. The rectangular body can also be hard mounted using 4 threaded mounting holes.