AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

TWT Pulse Amplifier 
AR’s new 10000TP8G10 TWT pulsed amplifier produces 10,000 W of peak output power over the 8 to 10 GHz frequency range with 70 dB gain for various EMC and microwave testing applications. Standard features include a built-in IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface, TTL Gating, VSWR protection, gain control, RF output sample ports, auto sleep, plus various monitoring circuits.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,

Custom MMIC

Low Noise Amplifier
Custom MMIC introduced the CMD167, a highly efficient, ultra low noise GaAs MMIC amplifier that operates from 10 to 17 GHz and is ideally suited for EW and communications systems where small die size and low power consumption are needed. At 14 GHz, it delivers greater than 15 dB of gain, with an output 1 dB compression point of +11 dBm and a noise figure of 1.8 dB. It has a 50 Ω matched design, thereby eliminating the need for external DC blocks and RF port matching.
Custom MMIC,

Hittite Microwave Corp

Power Amplifier
Hittite launched a new GaAs PHEMT MMIC distributed PA covering the DC to 40 GHz frequency range. The amplifier provides 13 dB of gain, 33 dBm output IP3 and +22 dBm of output power at 1 dB gain compression while requiring 175 mA from a +10 V supply. The HMC5805LS6 exhibits a slightly positive gain slope from 8 to 32 GHz, making it ideal for EW, ECM, radar and test equipment applications. The amplifier I/Os are internally matched to 50 Ω.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,

Jackson Labs Technologies Inc

Jackson Labs Technologies announced the availability of its breakthroughproduct DROR-II,a 10 MHz/ 5 MHz/1 PPS GPS-disciplined atomic frequency and timing reference (GPSDO). The DROR-II is a ruggedized frequency and timing reference with a cesium vapor atomic oscillator followed by a precision SC-cut crystal double-oven oscillator and an actively vibration-compensated VCXO oscillator, with specific emphasis on ultra low phase noise performance under extreme vibration and acceleration such as could be encountered in aircraft, tracked vehicles and wheeled vehicles.
Jackson Labs Technologies Inc.,


Wideband Amplifier
Mini-Circuits’ GVA-60+ amplifier features a frequency range from 10 MHz to 5 GHz, optimized to deliver incredibly flat gain (20 ±0.3 dB), high IP3 (29 to 40 dBm), and an input return loss of 17 to 20 dB with no external matching for VHF/UHF/IF applications and more. Performance like this, with a typical output power of 19.5 dBm on a 5 V/92 mA DC supply, makes the GVA-60+ ideal as a driver in complex waveform up-converter paths and linearized transmit circuitry.

QuinStar Technology Inc

Wideband Amplifier
QuinStar Technology Inc. introduced QPW-71803014-S1, an E-Band power amplifier. The QPW model of E-Band amplifiers come with some of the widest industry frequency ranges, such as 71 to 86 GHz, a gain of 30 dB and output power available up to +30 dBm depending on the frequency range and bandwidth. The wide bandwidth of these amplifiers makes them ideally suited for broadband MMW communications systems and other broad spectrum systems applications.
QuinStar Technology Inc.,

Rakon Ltd

Ultra Low Noise Oscillators
Rakon launched a new series of oven controlled, voltage controlled SAW oscillators (OCSO). Using advanced SAW technology and new circuitry design, the OCSOs are ideal for applications that require high frequency and ultra low phase noise. The LNO1280B1 and LNO2000B1 enable frequencies of 1280 MHz and 2 GHz, respectively. They are based on Rakon’s high performance SAW oscillator cores at 320 MHz and 500 MHz, combined with Rakon’s low noise, active frequency quadruplers. The technology enables an exceptional phase noise floor and very low broadband jitter.
Rakon Ltd.,


AE510 is a new state-of-the-art PHEMT MMIC, based on GaAs Enhancement Mode PHEMT which provides low current draw and very low noise. The AE510 push-pull amplifier is designed for many applications including CATV and FTTH systems operating in the 30 to 2700 MHz range, an ideal solution for broadcasting applications for its high gain and low distortion. With RFHIC’s vertical integration and patented manufacturing processes, the AE510 is also one of the most cost effective parts for the price.

Synergy Microwave Corp

Miniature Footprint Oscillator
This C-Band miniature surface mount VCO model DCO680700-5 delivers a powerful performance. This optimized fundamental frequency planar resonator design covers the band of 6.76 to 7 GHz with just 0.5 to 5 V of tuning. The 5 V supply voltage (Vcc) draws only a maximum current of 35 mA while achieving a superb low phase noise of -88 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. It also gives a strong output power of 0 dBm as a minimum with excellent harmonic suppression of 32 dB (typical).
Synergy Microwave Corp.,

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc

Ka-Band GaN HPA
TriQuint’s TGA2594 is a Ka-Band power amplifier fabricated on TriQuint’s 0.15 μm GaN on SiC process. Operating between 27 and 31 GHz, it achieves 5 W saturated output power with an efficiency of 28% PAE, and 23 dB small signal gain. Along with excellent linear characteristics, the TGA2594 is ideally suited to support both commercial and defense related satellite communications. To simplify system integration, the TGA2594 is fully matched to 50 Ω with integrated DC blocking caps on both I/O ports.
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,


SAW Duplexer
The AM1950-2140SD345 SAW duplexer is designed for wireless applications and has very low ripple and insertion loss along with high rejection. Passband 1 is 1940 to 1960 MHz and Passband 2 is 2130 to 2150 MHz. Rejection is up to 52 dB, insertion loss is less than 2.2 dB in either passband, in-band ripple is 0.6 dB, isolation is at least 43 dB, return loss is greater than 16 dB, and power handling ability is 10 dBm.
Anatech Electronics Inc.,

G.T. Microwave Inc

Phase Shifter
Model P2P-68T-5is a broadband digitally controlled PIN 360° diode phase shifter operating from 6 to 18 GHz. This device offers up to 0.088° resolution with 12 bits of TTL compatible binary logic and switches in less than 500 nSec. Across the entire band, phase accuracy is ±10°, amplitude balance ±1.0 dB, and VSWR 1.9:1 in 50 Ω. Input power is up to +15 dBm CW or 1 W max. The operating temperature range is extended from -55° to +85°C.
G.T. Microwave Inc.,

MECA Electronics Inc

Reactive Splitters
Dr . D.A.S© prescribes MECA’s low PIM (-160 dBctypical) compact reactive splitter for DAS applications. Covering 1.7 to 2.2 GHz makes them ideal for space restricted areas where the traditional T styles simply won’t fit. IP67 rated. Made in USA - 36 month warranty.
MECA Electronics Inc.,

Pasternack Enterprises Inc

Waveguide Modules
Pasternack introduced new 60 GHz waveguide transmitter/receiver modules and development system. The 60 GHz frequency range is highly desirable to engineers and developers wanting to experiment with transmitting high-bandwidth data at extremely high speeds. Existing solutions currently available are expensive and difficult to integrate into systems. Pasternack’s solution is equally effective at a fraction of the cost due to its silicon-germanium (SiGe) construction, making it practical for a wide range of configurations and budgets.
Pasternack Enterprises Inc.,

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc

Programmable Attenuator
PMI Model No. DTA-14G40G-32-CD-2 is a 10 bit programmable attenuator with step resolution as low as 0.04 dB which provides over 32 dB of attenuation over the frequency range of 14 to 40 GHz. This model is offered in a slim line housing measuring 2.0" × 1.8" × 0.5" with 2.92 mm female connectors and operates on a single +15 V DC supply with only 40 mA of current consumption typically.
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,

Reactel Inc

Notch Filter
Reactel part number 22R7-1580.5-X80S11 is a highly selective cavity notch filter that elimi-nates GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS and BeiDou signals simultaneously while allowing a passband up to 3000 MHz. Reactel manufactures a wide variety of notch filters which are perfect for co-location interference; please contact the factory with your specifications.
Reactel Inc.,

RECOM Power Inc

DC-to-DC Converters
Richardson RFPD Inc. announced availability and full design support capabilities for a large portfolio of high-isolation DC-to-DC converters from RECOM Power Inc. Designed specifically for insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) systems, the converters’ asymmetric outputs of +15 and -9 V make them ideal to power IGBT drivers, replacing the need for two converters. The devices are available with input voltages of 5, 12 and 24 V DC and offer up to 6.4 kV DC/1 sec isolation.
RECOM Power Inc., distributed by Richardson RFPD Inc.,

SAGE Millimeter Inc

E-Band Transceiver Module
Model SSC-7737731200-1212-C1 is a compact and cost-effective E-Band transceiver module operating in the frequency range of 76 to 78 GHz. The module is designed and fabricated for emerging automotive ACC radar applications. It can be used as an FMCW transceiver for speed and distance measurements or radar target simulators for testing. Thanks to the built-in ×4 active multiplier, the required local oscillator frequency is 19.0 to 19.5 GHz at +5 dBm.
SAGE Millimeter Inc.,

Skyworks Solutions

SPDT Switch
RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for Skyworks’ SKY13446-374LF, a high isolation SPDT switch covering 0.1 to 6 GHz. Targeted at WLAN applications in the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz and 4.9 to 5.9 GHz bands, the SKY13446-374LF offers 38 and 30 dB typical isolation. Low insertion loss improves transmit signal efficiency. Excellent EVM performance is attributed to linearity of 32 to 33 dBm P1dB. The SKY13446-374LF incorporates two control voltages for Tx/Rx switching and is packaged in a 1.5 × 1.5 mm QFN.
Skyworks Solutions,
distributed by RFMW Ltd.,

Spacek Labs Inc

Waveguide High Pass Filter
Spacek Labs model HPF-700 is a waveguide high pass filter in WR-12 waveguide. This filter series is designed with a sharp cut off close to the passband. This filter will pass all of E-Band down to 71 GHz with an insertion loss of 1.5 dB typical and 2 dB max. The reject band is </= 68 GHz, with 20 dB rejection at 68 GHz and 40 dB at </=67 GHz. Spacek Labs offers this HPF series of filters up to 110 GHz.
Spacek Labs Inc.,

Wenteq Microwave

Coaxial Circulator
Model F2585-0203-67 is an octave band SMA connectorized circulator covering 1.35 to 2.7 GHz frequency range. It features 0.6 dB insertion loss, 17 dB reverse isolation and 1.35:1 VSWR, and can handle 50 W of CW power. The package size of the circulator is 2.0" × 1.949" × 0.748".
Wenteq Microwave,


4-Way Combiner/Divider
Werlatone’s newest addition to its 20 to 1000 MHz family of products is the Model D9317. This 200 W CW, 4-way combiner operates with less than 0.7 dB insertion loss, and a minimum of 15 dB isolation. Measuring just 3.75" ×3.75" ×0.9", the D9317 is ideal for combining four 50 W modules. The unit has an operating temperature of -55° to +85°C and can be supplied with all SMA female connectors.

Cables & Connectors

IMS Connector Systems

P-SMP Interconnection
The P-SMP board-to-board interconnection provides excellent continuous power handling of up to 200 W at 2.2 GHz. It is built as a three components concept: two pcb or panel types, assembled with an adaptor – ‘bullet’. The minimum distance of the P-SMP interconnection is 12.6 mm. Typically one pcb board is equipped with a snap-on pcb type – the ‘limited detent’ type – the second pcb board with a slide-on version, is the ‘smooth bore’ type. Excellent RF capabilities make P-SMP connectors ideal for applications up to 10 GHz.
IMS Connector Systems,


mWAVE Industries LLC

C-Band Antenna
mWAVE Industries’ model RPD4-48-N, a 4' dual linear polarized 4.40 to 5.25 GHz antenna, utilizes a self supporting monopod feed support for reduced blockage. The antenna comes standard with a mount for pipes. It was designed for use in the C-Band telemetry industry but can be used for any other communications requirement within the operating band and capabilities of the antenna. The RF inputs are Type N female connectors and are located behind the vertex of the main reflector.
mWAVE Industries LLC,

Test Equipment

Agilent Technologies Inc

Waveform Generators
Agilent’s 33600A Series, which comprises four different one- and two-channel models, can generate waveforms up to 120 MHz at a 1 GSa/s sampling rate. The waveform generators provide the lowest jitter (less than 1 ps jitter, or 200× better than previous generation direct digital synthesis generators) and lowest total harmonic distortion in their class, giving engineers the ability to generate the exact signals they need. With total harmonic distortion less than 0.03 percent and non-harmonic spurs below -75 dBc, the 33600A Series offers clean signals that don’t introduce noise.
Agilent Technologies Inc.,

Narda Safety Test Solutions

I/Q Analyzer
Narda Safety Test Solutions has equipped the second generation of its Interference and Direction Analyzer with I/Q analyzer functions. Based on the I/Q data, the device generates high resolution spectrograms, persistence spectrums and time domain displays that were previously only available from high cost laboratory instruments. Radio spectrum interference and impairments can thus be detected and analyzed on the spot.
Narda Safety Test Solutions,