GaN Amplifier
Aethercomm model number SSPA 1.7-2.2-70 is a high power, GaN amplifier that operates from 1700 to 2200 MHz minimum and is packaged in a compact, rugged enclosure. This amplifier is designed for operation in harsh environments where communication systems are deployed. Typical output power is 90 to 100 W across the band at PSat. This RF amplifier employs digital circuitry for command a control. Power gain at 70 W Pout is 48 to 50 dB across the band typically. Input and output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. This unit is equipped with DC switching circuitry that enables and disables the RF devices in 5 usecs maximum. The power consumption in the off state is 10 W typical.
Carlsbad, CA
(760) 208-6002,

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentiation

Solid-State Amplifiers
With AR’s 0.7 to 18 GHz dual band amplifiers, you have freedom like never before. You pick the power from 5 to 80 W. You pick the bandwidth from 0.7 to 8 GHz, 0.7 to 10.6 GHz or 0.7 to 18 GHz. We put it together for you in one package that costs less weighs less and takes less space than two separate
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181,

Bliley Technologies

Olympian Oscillators
Bliley Technologies introduces the second product in the Olympian family of oscillators. The Zeus Series OCVCXO offers customer specified output frequencies between 30 and 130 MHz with phase noise performance down to -178 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz offset. This series has exceptional performance with optional frequency stability versus temperature from ± 500 ppb down to ±50 ppb. Excellent long term aging is typically ±1.50 ppm after 20 years. The rugged package comes with an SMA female output and EMI feed thrus on all DC inputs. A RoHS compatible version is available as the NVG108C while the standard unit’s part number is NV108C.
Bliley Technologies,
Erie, PA
(814) 838-3571,


Oscillator Family
Crystek’s model CCHD-957 HCMOS CLOCK oscillator family has been designed specifically for High Definition Audio (HD Audio). It features a typical low close-in phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz offset, and a noise floor of -169 dBc/Hz. With this extreme low phase noise performance, you will “Hear the Difference.” It also features a “Standby Function,” that is, when placed in disable mode, the internal oscillator is completely shut down in addition to its output buffer being placed in Tri-State. This family is housed in a 9 × 14 mm SMT package and operates with a +3.3 V power supply.
Fort Myers, FL
(239) 561-3311,

Empower RF Systems Inc.,

Linear Amplifier
The BBS3G6QHM (SKU 2135) is a dual-band, ultra broadband high power linear amplifier. This solid-state 50 W amplifier covers the 300 to 3800 MHz instantaneous frequency band (targeting the high use, wireless infrastructure bands) and is ideally suited for RF/MW component testing, RF laboratory testing and EMC/RFI immunity and susceptibility testing. The self contained, air cooled unit is housed in a standard single R3U chassis. The amplifier is fully equipped with a microprocessor controlled LCD touch screen display for control, internal monitoring and status reporting. Control and status is accessible remotely via GPIB/IEEE-488, RS-422 and TCP/IP Ethernet. Low distortion and optimum RF device performance makes this amplifier suitable for all signal modulations and can operate both in an open loop gain adjustment or ALC mode.
Empower RF Systems Inc.,
Inglewood, CA
(310) 412-8100,

Greenray Industries Inc.,

The T72 incorporates a rugged 5 × 7 mm ceramic package and a high performance crystal from our sister company Statek. The T72 offers stability to ±0.2 ppm (-40° to +85°C), g-Sensitivity of <-2.5 × 10-9/g, a phase noise floor of -155 dBc/Hz (typ. 10 MHz), and  low current consumption to 1.9 mA (typ. with clipped sine output). The T72 TCXO, available from 10 to 50 MHz, offers clipped sine wave output and 3.3 V supply voltage. Electronic frequency control (EFC) is provided for precise tuning or phase locking applications. The T72 Series TCXO has been designed to deliver reliable frequency control performance for a variety of wireless applications, and is well suited for mobile, battery powered applications including GPS and WiMAX. The T72 TCXO stability is not affected by vibration and temperature fluctuations, making it ideal for exploration and tracking equipment applications. Shock level is available to 50,000 g.
Greenray Industries Inc.,
Mechanicsburg, PA
(717) 766-0223,

Integra Technologies Inc.,

Radar Pallet
Integra Technologies announced an S-Band radar pallet. Part numberILP3135M240 is a 50 Ω matched high power pulsed radar pallet amplifier for S-Band radar systems operating over the instantaneous bandwidth of 3.10 to 3.50 GHz. The pallet amplifier supplies a minimum of 240 W of peak pulse power under the conditions of 300 us pulse width and 10 percent duty cycle and with 30 W input drive level. All units are 100 percent screened for large signal RF parameters.
Integra Technologies Inc.,
El Segundo, CA
(310) 606-0855,

Microwave Amplifiers

GaN Wideband Amplifier
The main target of the GaN, 100 W, wideband, 2 to 6 GHz amplifier module is the Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), and jamming markets. The 100 W capability allows ECM and jamming system designers greater flexibility – the higher power offers extended operational rangeand the availability of such power from a single module facilitates compact system design. Working off a 28 V supply, with inbuilt DC protection circuitry, over temperature and full reverse RF power protection and ruggedized aluminum housing makes the amplifier modules suitable for the harshest environments.
Microwave Amplifiers,
Nailsea, UK
+44 (0) 1275 853 196,

Mini Circuits

MMIC Amplifier
Mini-Circuits’ PHA-1+ ultra high dynamic range MMIC amplifier is designed specifically for applications that require extremely linear performance, particularly wideband, advanced digital communications systems such as TD-SCDMA that require excellent ACLR suppression and low EVM. The E-PHEMT based PHA-1+ provides typically +42 dB OIP3, which translates to extremely linear performance in multi-carrier and complex signal environments such as TD-SCDMA supporting ACLR_1 Measurements of better than -60 dBc at +10 dBm output and EVM of 0.57% (rms) and 2.95% (pk) at the same power.
Brooklyn, NY
(781) 934-4500,

Norden Millimeter Inc.,

Norden Millimeter is introducing a new line of VCOs that are full waveguide band from WR-42 to WR-10. These VCOs operate in frequency ranges from 18 to 26.5 GHz, 26.5 to 40 GHz, 33 to 50 GHz, 40 to 60 GHz, 50 to 75 GHz, 60 to 90 GHz, and 75 to 110 GHz. These VCOs have input regulators to minimize pushing effects and with the amount of multiplying, amplifying and filtering these units have, there is no load pulling phenomena.
Norden Millimeter Inc.,
Placerville, CA
(530) 642-9123,

Ophir RF

RF Amplifier
The Ophir RF model 5227 is an 80 to 1000 MHz, 500 W minimum output power RF amplifier. This amplifier utilizes Class A linear power devices that provide an excellent third order intercept point, high gain and a wide dynamic range. This is the perfect choice for test and measurement systems needing high power in the smallest commercially available package possible. This RFPA is backed by a three year warranty and Ophir RF’s commitment to total customer satisfaction.
Ophir RF,
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 306-5556,

Renaissance Electronics Corp.,

Gunn Oscillators
The HGM and HGV series Gunn oscillators cover the 7 to 150 GHz frequency range. A wide variety of designs provide solutions for most applications. Units are available with mechanical and/or electrical tuning, providing many possible tuning configurations. Superior frequency and power stability are achieved using cavity designs and optimal diode selection. Heaters can be provided to achieve greater frequency stability. GaAs and InP Gunn diodes are used depending on the frequency and performance requirements. Cavity designs are mated with the proper Gunn diode to maximize performance. Gunn oscillators are used as sources for mixer LOs, to drive multipliers, transmitters and radars. Options available include voltage regulators, heaters, isolators, heat sinks and micrometer tuners.
Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Harvard, MA
(978) 772-7774,

Skyworks Solutions

Low-Noise Amplifiers
Skyworks Solutions has introduced three low-noise and high-linearity LNAs for 1.6 to 3 GHz receiver applications. The SKY67002-396LF (1.6 to 2.1 GHz high linearity LNA), SKY67003-396LF (2 to 3 GHz high linearity LNA), and SKY67102-396LF (2 to 3 GHz ultra low noise LNA) are single-stage, GaAs PHEMT LNAs that offer ultra low noise figure, high linearity, and excellent return loss in a small QFN package. On-die active bias design ensures consistent performance and enables unconditional stability. These LNAs are designed for wireless infrastructure OEMs who require a high-performance, cost effective solution.
Skyworks Solutions,
Woburn, MA
(781) 376-3000,

TriQuint SemiConductor

Power Amplifier
TriQuint Semiconductor unveiled the industry’s smallest dual-band PA duplexer (PAD) for global 3G and 4G smartphones. The new TRITIUM Duo™ family combines two band-specific power amplifiers and duplexers in a single compact module, effectively replacing up to twelve discrete components. The TRITIUM Duo family shares a common 6 × 4.5 mm footprint, giving designers the flexibility to support multi-band, multi-mode operations across multiple platforms.
TriQuint Semiconductor,
Hillsboro, OR
(503) 615-9000,

Z-Communications Inc

High Performance VCO
The SMV5550B-LF, a high performance VCO, generates frequencies between 5000 and 6000 MHz, covering the 1000 MHz bandwidth within 0 to 10 V of control. The device covers an area less than 0.10 sq. inches while exhibiting phase noise performance of -80 dBc/Hz, typically, at 10 kHz from the carrier. The SMV5550B-LF delivers 3 ± 3 dBm into a 50 W load with a nominal 5 V supply and drawing typically 24 mA. In addition to its low noise performance, this device also exhibits excellent second harmonic suppression of -35 dBc, typically, and provides better than 1.1:1 tuning linearity. Load pulling is furthermore minimized to less than 10 MHz with a return loss of 20 dB in any phase while it pushes less than 20 MHz/V with a 5% change in the nominal supply. The SMV5550B-LF operates at a temperature range of -40° to 85°C and is packaged in Z-Communications miniature SUB-L surface-mount package measuring 0.3" × 0.3" × 0.08".
Z-Communications Inc.,
Poway, CA
(858) 621-2700,


EM-Research inc

Frequency Synthesizer
The LX-7800 frequency synthesizer operates at a fixed-frequency of 7800 MHz and features low power consumption and exceptionally-low phase noise
(<-92 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz). This unit is available in cost-effective, high-volume Tape-N-Reel designs. LX-7800 provides +8 dBm output power. The unit is designed for SatCom, commercial wireless and military COTS applications. Custom units are available in fixed and programmable frequencies from 5 MHz to 8 GHz in a standard surface-mount package of 0.75" × 0.75" × 0.15".
EM Research Inc.,
Reno, NV
(775) 345-2411,


Power Dividers
KRYTAR Inc. announces eight new two-way power dividers offering high performance over the broadband frequency range of 6 to 40 GHz in single, compact packages. The new power dividers frequency coverage includes: Models 6060400 and 6060400K from 6 to 40 GHz; Models 6100400 and 6100400K from 10 to 40 GHz; Models 6180400 and 6180400K from 18 to 40 GHz; Models 6265400 and 6265400K from 26.5 to 40 GHz. All eight models feature greater than 14.5 dB isolation and ±0.38 dB amplitude tracking. The two-way dividers exhibit insertion loss of less than 1.9 dB across the frequency range. Maximum input VSWR is 1.9 and phase tracking is ±6.5 degrees. Each power divider is a compact package measuring 1.30 (L) × 1.00 (W) × 0.40 (H), and weighing only 1.1 ounces.
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 734-5999,

Network International Corp.,

Ceramic Filter
NIC introduces 728 to 746 MHz LTE Band 12 (Downlink) ceramic filter, a high performance ceramic filter for cellular and base station applications in the LTE band. This filter operates in LTE band 12 (downlink) offering low insertion loss and high rejection in adjacent bands. Features include: high selectivity and low insertion loss, compact package, competitive pricing and quick delivery, quick turn prototypes (delivery in 3 to 4 weeks ARO), and custom configurations designed up to X-Band.
Networks International Corp.,
Overland Park, KS
(913) 685-3400,

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,

Single-Pole Switch
PMI model P2T-1G18G-10-R-528-SFF-HIP10W is a single pole, two throw, reflective switch capable of operating with an input power of 10 W CW over the 1 to 18 GHz frequency range. This model features high input power handling capability while offering very fast switching speeds of 40 nsec. This switch is compact in size and weight and only consumes 2.5 mA of positive and 2.5 mA of negative DC current making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-5019,

Richardson RFPD

RF Resistor
Richardson RFPD Inc. announced immediate availability and full design support capabilities for a new ultra-high reliability, 400 W, flanged RF resistor with brazed construction from Anaren. The G400B50W5 offers 50 Ω resistance and can handle 500 K on/off cycles, which is ideal for pulse power applications. Values other than 50 ohms are available upon request.
Richardson RFPD,
LaFox, IL
(630) 208-2700,

Southwest Microwave Inc.,

Precision Adapters
Southwest Microwave Inc. (SMI) announces a full range of precision adapters, both within-series and between-series, encompassing SMA, SMA to N, 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm to 2.40 mm, 2.92 mm to 2.40 mm, SSMA to 2.40 mm, and 2.40 mm. Plus unique 0.9 mm to 1.85 mm. They offer near metrology grade performance, referred to as precision and are ideally suited for applications requiring metrology type measurements where phase matching is not required. Each series is produced to the same electrical length. SMI adapters provide an economical lower cost solution for critical production and test requirements.
Southwest Microwave Inc.,
Tempe, AZ
(480) 783-0201,

Synergy Microwave Corp.,

Broadband Double Balanced Mixer
The SGS-5 is a broadband double balanced mixer, constructed to meet stringent environmental requirements in military, industrial and commercial applications. This product has excellent electrical performance across the broadband LO and RF operating frequency of 3 to 19 GHz, and IF frequency from DC to 4 GHz, with a choice of available LO signal levels of +10, +13 or +17 dBm. The DC coupled IF makes this mixer ideal for up and down conversion, image rejection, modulators and phase detectors.
Synergy Microwave Corp.,
Paterson, NJ
(973) 881-8800,


Bi-Directional Coupler
The model C8060-102 is a high power 20 dB bi-directional coupler that covers the entire 200 to 6000 MHz band at 200 W CW. Model C8060-102 is rated for 200 W CW, and is ideal for lab environments where one coupler can meet multiple testing requirements. The coupler is 4.8" × 0.88" × 0.5" and it is designed for military and commercial applications. It has an operating temperature of -55° to +85°C and is available with SMA Female Connectors.
Patterson, NY
(845) 278-2220,


Hittite Microwave Corp.,

Direct I/Q Modulator
Hittite Microwave Corp. has launched a new high linearity wideband direct I/Q modulator, HMC1097LP4. TheHMC1097LP4E is a high linearity, low noise direct quadrature modulator RFIC that is rated from 100 MHz to 6 GHz. This wideband direct modulator exhibits an outstanding output IP3 of +30 dBm, noise floor of -160 dBm/Hz, output P1dB of +11 dBm, and sideband suppression of -46 dBc. The RF output port is single-ended and matched to 50 Ohms with no external components while the LO input operates from drive levels between -6 and +6 dBm, and can be driven in either differential or single-ended mode. The HMC1097LP4E has a flexible architecture where its output IP3 can be further optimized over different frequencies up to 6 GHz. The HMC1097LP4E exhibits a very fast enable/disable feature that can be used to reduce system power dissipation in TDD-based cellular communication systems.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343,


PHEMT Process
The PPH15X-10 MMIC GaAs power PHEMT process has been successfully space evaluated and is now part of the European Preferred Part List established by the European Space Agency/European Space Components Information Exchange System (ESA/ESCIES). This process is optimized for wideband high power amplification up to 45 GHz with a typical Ft of 65 GHz and a power density >750 mW/mm at 6 V. It includes two metal interconnect layers, precision TaN resistors, high value TiWiSi resistors, two MIM capacitor densities (250 and 625 pF/mm2), air-bridges and back-end via-holes. A BCB protection option is also available on PPH15X-10 for repeatable package performance. Applications include medium power amplifiers, K- and Ka-Band power amplifiers, VSAT and point to point radio.
United Monolithic Semiconductors,
Villebon-sur-Yvette, France
+33 (0)1 69 86 32 00,



Front End Module
RFMD’s new RF6504 is a Front End Module (FEM) for 433 to 470 MHz AMI/AMR systems. The Tx port provides a PA with nominal output power of 30 dBm and gain of 15 dB. The Rx passthrough port is on a separate path. Both are combined with a single antenna port and SP2T switch, all presented in a 5.5 × 5.0 mm, 28-pin package.
Greensboro, NC
(336) 664-1233,

Spacek labs

Full-Band Receiver
Spacek Labsmodel ME-15 × 2is a full-band receiver that downconverts all of E-Band (60 to 90 GHz) to an IF of 1 to 31 GHz. The conversion loss is 7 dB typical, 13.5 dB max. The LO is derived from a customer supplied 29.5 GHz signal at +15 to +17 dBm that drives a passive doubler generating +5 dBm at 59 GHz. The mixer requires +15 VDC at 10 mA bias. The RF port is WR-12 waveguide and the LO and IF ports are coaxial 2.9 mm “K” (f) connectors. This receiver can be used to extend the frequency range of a spectrum analyzer with close in measurements using a customer supplied stable LO source.
Spacek Labs Inc.,
Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 564-4404,

Test Equipment

Heurmann HF-Technik GmbH

Vector-PIM Tester
This instrument, which is based on a NonLin-IM and PIM-tester from Rosenberger, supports accurate PIM measurements, localisation of IM-obstacles, and exact modelling of IM-defects. It enables users to perform calibrated complex PIM measurements. The software manages the calibration and error correction, and supports various PIM-tests as well as different frequency, power and time sweeps. A significant development is the replacement of the comb generator by a new phase reference generator.
Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH,
Aachen, Germany
+49 2408 9379019,