Infineon Technologies has introduced the PTVA127002EV 700 W L-Band RF power transistor featuring the highest-in-industry L-Band output power (700 W) available for radar systems operating in the 1200-1400 MHz frequency range. By lowering part counts, the new device can reduce system cost and improve reliability while maintaining high ruggedness.

Radar systems emit a high-powered electronic pulse within a specific frequency range and detect the return echoes of each pulse to form an image of distant objects. In this demanding application, the transistors used in the power supply of these pulsed systems must be highly efficient and capable of driving a stable signal in all operating conditions.

Infineon’s new PTVA127002EV power transistor is well-suited for L-Band radar systems used in air traffic control and weather observation applications. High efficiency corresponds to low heat output, and high ruggedness (ability to withstand 10:1 VSWR load mismatch) further contributes to the advantages of low component count made possible by the 700 W output.

Based on the company’s 50 V LDMOS power transistor technology, the PTVA127002EV exhibits excellent efficiency; typically 55 % across the 1200-1400 MHz band, with a P1 dB output power of 700 W, 16 dB gain and low thermal resistance characteristics when measured with a 300 µS 10% duty cycle pulse.

With the new addition, Infineon now offers a family of RF power transistors for 1200-1400 MHz system applications with rated power output of 25 W, 50 W, 350 W and 700 W. In addition to ruggedness, common specifications for each device include wide gate source voltage range (-6 V to 12 V), and integrated electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.