Ampleon announced the BLU9H0408L-800P 800 W RF power transistor. Using Ampleon’s latest Gen9 (50 V) LDMOS process technology, the BLU9H0408L-800P has been specifically designed for use in high power radar systems operating in the 400 MHz to 800 MHz UHF frequency band. 

Ideally suited for use in high power, long-range radar systems, the BLU9H0408L-800P supports long pulse lengths and high duty cycles required by modern radars and at the same time provides excellent reliability. With typical radar system lifetimes of 15 to 20 years, the BLU9H0408L-800P removes the need to service or replace power amplifier modules, ensuring high levels of radar operational capability and reducing maintenance costs.

With a typical efficiency of 70 percent, the BLU9H0408L-800P consumes less power and requires less thermal management than competing transistors. This not only saves energy costs but requires less heatsink and cooling equipment while occupying less physical space, contributing to improved reliability and service life.

The BLU9H0408L-800P provides a significantly higher output power per transistor, further simplifying design, component count and energy costs for high power UHF radars. The transistor also has excellent ruggedness (20:1 VSWR) and can survive mismatched conditions which can occur as a result of antenna and cable connection problems.