FV1206Modelithics Inc. has teamed with Mini-Circuits to develop high-accuracy simulation models of Mini-Circuits’ 3.2 x 1.6 mm case-size surface-mount LFCN low-pass filters and HFCN high-pass filters. The substrate-scalable models are validated up to 13 GHz, depending on the frequency band specifications of each filter.  Six (6) new high-pass filter models and fifteen (15) low-pass filter models will be included in the next release of Modelithics’ COMPLETE Library and are currently available for FREE individualdownload from the Mini-Circuits MVP page on the Modelithics website: http://www.modelithics.com/mvpMiniCircuits.asp.

The new filter models mark a significant addition to the Mini-Circuits-sponsored simulation capabilities already available through Modelithics including recently released X-Parameters-based models for Mini-Circuits amplifiers and scalable equivalent-circuit-based models for Mini-Circuits RCAT and YAT attenuators.

Mini-Circuits Vice-President Ted Heil commented, “We believe the partnership between Mini-Circuits and Modelithics is providing engineers with exceptional tools for evaluating Mini-Circuits components in their designs.  We are very interested in hearing about customer experiences in applying these new models in their application environments.”

 Each model includes a detailed datasheet, layout drawing, and Gerber files for the test fixture. The models are available for FREE use with Agilent ADS and may be made available for certain other simulators as part of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library offering. Existing Modelithics COMPLETE Library for ADS customers will be receiving all of these models conveniently integrated within the library, starting with version 10.5. For more information on using the Mini-Circuits filter models in your design, contact Modelithics at 813-866-6335, or support@modelithics.com.