Agilent Technologies Inc


FieldFox’s Remote App
FieldFox’s remote control capability, Option 030, enables viewing and control of the instrument via the Remote Viewer iOS application. With a wireless LAN or cellular broadband data connection using an iOS device, the FieldFox analyzers can now be placed in areas where users do not wish to stay long due to extremely harsh or unsafe conditions. Additionally, if one technician or engineer has trouble making a measurement or determining the source of a problem, another can step in to remotely troubleshoot and solve the problem.
Agilent Technologies Inc.,

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation


CISPR Test Configurations
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation emcware’s latest release expands on an already great platform with the addition of CISPR custom test configurations. Enhancements include predefined receiver setups and report generation to standards such as: CISPR 11, 13, 22, 15 and 32. emcware also retains a user friendly environment with all of its previous functionality allowing users maximum flexibility to create their own test configurations or modify existing ones. Download the free software at
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,

AWR Corp


Simulation and Analysis Software
AWR’s V11 of Analyst-MP™ (MP for multiphysics) expands the capabilities of its Analyst™ 3D FEM EM simulation and analysis software to now account for large-scale, multiphysics applications like particle accelerators. Analyst-MP’s diverse and unique solver technologies are the result of more than a decade of development in collaboration with the U.S. DoD and DoE and have been employed to analyze extremely complex high-frequency, multiphysics structures at U.S. national labs/accelerators. Visit for more information.
AWR Corp.,

Delcross Technologies LLC

Radar Signature Analysis Software
Delcross Technologies announced the first commercial release of Signa, a software toolkit for advanced radar signature analysis. Signa delivers efficient electromagnetic (EM) simulation of complex radar cross sections (RCS) for targets that are tens to thousands of wavelengths in size. In addition to RCS, Signa generates range profiles and inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) images of targets, useful for identification of significant target scattering features. The toolkit is available for Windows or Linux.
Delcross Technologies LLC,

Field Precision LLC


Microwave Heating Software
Field Precision has released an updated version of Aether, its 3D electromagnetics suite. The program can now export RF power-density profiles directly to the HeatWave program for thermal analysis. Aether is a unified finite-element package that handles all stages of solutions: mesh generation, field calculation and interactive analysis. The program has three operation modes that cover the full spectrum of applications: pulse mode (pulsed-power devices), res mode (resonant frequencies and Q factors of complex structures) and RF mode (frequency-domain simulations of microwave and RF devices).
Field Precision LLC,



Literature App
The free-of-charge PDFolio app fits hand-in-glove with the HUBER+SUHNER portfolio, available in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. This app enables customers to download HUBER+SUHNER publications in PDF format – individually or in a package. The app comprises approximately 170 documents and these are sub-divided into three markets (communication, transportation and industrial), as well as by three technologies (radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency).

Nuhertz Technologies


Filter Software Updates
Nuhertz Technologies announces the release of FilterSolutions 2014®. In this release, Nuhertz completes the integration of interconnects to all Microwave Office® library models, adding to the 2013 integration of the Modelithics model libraries. Changes to the program include a new menu item for open stub resonators (for both FilterSolutions and FilterQuick) and schematic notes for lumped elements. FilterSolutions directly integrates with AWR, CST, Modelithics and Sonnet Software, achieving improved modeling accuracies, accounting for electromagnetic effects and providing tools for system integration.
Nuhertz Technologies,

Rohde & Schwarz


NEWS, the technical magazine on Rohde & Schwarz innovations for more than 50 years, is now also available as a free app for iPad and Android tablets. All articles from the current and previous issues can be retrieved within a matter of seconds. Modern navigation options and a clear section structure make it easy to find the article you want. Zooming, graphics and pictures ensure comfortable reading. Other advantages include integrated multimedia components such as videos and direct access to additional online content.
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