60-102b-103b-lxi-chassisPickering Interfaces, a leading provider of signal switching and conditioning solutions, has introduced an upgraded version of its popular LXI Modular Chassis. The 60-102B and 60-103B LXI Modular Chassis increase the Ethernet interface speed to 1 Gb from 100 Mb, as well as adding an IP display that shows the IP address of the chassis.

The LXI Modular Chassis provides an easy way of supporting Pickering Interfaces 3U PXI modules in an Ethernet-based LXI control environment.All Pickering’s PXI switching products are supported along with simulators such as resistor modules and battery emulators; the majority of Pickering’s PXI instruments and power supply products are also supported. The 60-102B allows up to seven PXI modules while the 60-103B allows up to 18 PXI modules.

“There is very little difference in speed or overall latency between PXI and LXI, performance is largely determined by the switching components,” states David Owen, Business Development Manager for Pickering Interfaces. “We firmly believe that some users can benefit from controlling switching systems from an Ethernet port since it makes control at a distance easier, provides a high degree of operating system independence, off loads control demands on the test system controller and provides a familiar web experience of the products supported. The 60-102B and 60-103B LXI Modular Chassis make it simple for us to give users the choice of using Ethernet based control or centralized PCI based control in a PXI test system.”

Pricing and availability information is supplied on our web site www.pickeringtest.com