Mobile Experts released its 2014 mobile infrastructure forecast , which provides detailed analysis of Transceivers for Macro Base Stations. This in-depth forecast provides details on the dramatic changes under the surface of this flat market.

Joe Madden, principal analyst at Mobile Experts explained, "LTE is quite obviously superior to 3G in terms of spectral efficiency and cost per bit, and mobile operators worldwide are shifting their spending toward LTE as quickly as possible. This is different than the slower shift from 2G to 3G – in this case the existing network handles voice, and LTE competes with 3G for new investment."

"In tracking semiconductor and radio shipments, we have been able to watch the dramatic slowdown in 2G and 3G technologies, and we have mapped out the rise of TD-LTE and FDD-LTE so that suppliers can adjust their product lines and production capacity. We're projecting a flat base station market in revenue, but growth in radio shipments and related semiconductors."

The complete forecast includes a market study document and a detailed Excel model, including:

  • Base Station deployment numbers for 2012-2018;
  • Base Station Transceiver shipments by air interface;
  • Remote Radio Head (RRH) shipments by mounting location;
  • Transceiver Shipments by frequency band;
  • Transceiver Shipments by power level;
  • Impact assessment of Carrier Aggregation on Base Station Radios; and
  • OEM market shares, based on radio shipments.