Kaelus, a Smiths Microwave business, announced the launch of the next generation in a line of high performance DAS Interface solutions with the release of the Small Cell RF DAS Point of Interface (POI) Tray. This is a small form factor, low power tray designed specifically for Small Cell DAS deployments with multiple bands and technologies. These low PIM certified, power management trays, allow adjustment of the RF power levels between multiple small cell base stations and the DAS network.

The Small Cell tray is 1U in height and can support multiple technologies in a single tray. The attenuators are software controlled and can be adjusted locally, at the tray, or remotely, via an IP address. Kaelus’ heritage in PIM test instruments and high performance PIM products will help to maximize data throughput performance throughout the DAS network.

“We are excited about the new Small Cell POI tray”, said Jack Cowper, President of Kaelus. “With the deployment of small cells set to quadruple in the next 12 months, offering an RF conditioning product allows small cell base stations to be cost effectively integrated with DAS networks. As LTE continues to be deployed in DAS networks, having a low PIM certified product with excellent performance is becoming increasingly important for maximizing data throughput.”

Some of the features of the Small Cell POI include:

  • Digital Control of the Attenuators
  • Supports SISO and MIMO network configurations
  • Supports all bands and technologies from 700MHz-2600MHz
  • Monitor ports allow for non-intrusive trouble shooting and adjustment
  • Front Panel RF Connections
  • Custom Port Configurations
  • USB and Ethernet Ports

Download Datasheet: Small Cell DAS Tray (SCT)

For more information please Contact Kaelus.