Microsemi Sic Schottky PR PhotoRichardson RFPD Inc. announces availability and full design support capabilities for four new 650 V Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes from Microsemi Corporation (Microsemi). The new devices are the latest addition to Microsemi's SiC Schottky product family.

The new devices feature zero recovery time (trr), low forward voltage and low leakage current, and are available in compact footprint packages. They are designed to improve performance in high-power industrial systems, including switched-mode power supply (SMPS), solar inverters, and power factor correction (PFC) applications.

Key features of the new 650 V SiC Schottky diodes include:

APT10SCD65K…10  Amps…1.5 @ 25 ºC and 2.0 @ 150 ºC (V) …10 @ 25 ºC  and 125 @ 150 ºC (μA)…TO-220 pkg

APT10SCD65KCT…10 per leg…1.5 @ 25 ºC and 2.0 @ 150 ºC (V)…10 @ 25 ºC and 125 @ 150 ºC (μA)…TO-220 pkg

APT20SCD65K …20 Amps…1.5 @ 25 ºC and 1.9 @ 150 ºC (V)…20 @ 25 ºC and  250 @ 150 ºC (μA)…TO-220 pkg

APT30SCD65B …30 Amps…1.5 @ 25 ºC and 1.9 @ 150 ºC (V)…30 @ 25 ºC and 400 @ 150 ºC (μA)…TO-247 pkg

Richardson RFPD's design advisors provide extensive technical expertise and design-in assistance for Microsemi products, including these new 650V SiC Schottky diodes. The devices are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

To find more information, or to purchase these products today on the Richardson RFPD website, please visit the Microsemi 650V SiC Schottky Diodes webpage. The devices are also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America); or please find your local sales engineer (worldwide) at Local Sales Support. To learn about additional products from Microsemi, please visit the Microsemi storefront webpage.