Design Techniques for Controlling Radiated Emissions has been considered by Donald Sweeney to be the ideal textbook for his EMC By Your Design Seminars ever since 1992, when it was first published. He is now excited to announce he will be using Michel Mardiguian’s new 3rd Edition in his April 8-10, 2014 seminar. All 13 chapters have been revised and updated addressing the newer technologies that have come along, especially the updating of clock speeds and the examples worked out in the book. Don has contributed to many parts of the book, including updating the Worldwide Standards and many of the graphics, as well as editing the entire book. A special feature of the book will be a link to a continuous update of world standards and requirements as they change.

Those who have previously attended a D.L.S. Seminar using the 1st or 2nd edition of the book, and who would like to take a refresher course using the new book, will be given a 50% discount from the April 2014 seminar price.

D.L.S. is also proud to announce that Tim Lusha is joining its team of seminar instructors. Tim has been with D.L.S. for the past 17 years. He has four iNARTE certifications: EMC Engineer, EMC Laboratory Engineer, EMC and ESD Technician. He is a current member of RTCA/DO-160, IEEE and ESDA. Tim has worked at D.L.S.’s Wisconsin facility involved in FCC, EC and VCCI commercial requirements as well as measurement uncertainty, transmitters and calibrations. He is presently at our Wheeling location immersed in MIL STD 461 and DO-160 topics, custom test setups, software programs and networks for lightning and related testing. Tim is a graduate of the MIlwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Milwaukee, WI in addition to graduate coursework in engineering and other courses in mechanical design.

EMC by Your Design

An EMC Practical Applications Seminar and Workshop

Tues. Oct 8 – Thurs Oct. 10

Northbrook, IL

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