Bias Tee ABT for ePRNew 50GHz Bias Tees Enable Co-habitation of Coaxial Lines by RF and DC

As a vital link in utilising a single coaxial cable to carry both RF signals and DC power, the new ABT series of Bias Tees from AtlanTecRF bring this capability to systems operating at frequencies up to 50 GHz.

With RF connector choices of 2.92 mm, SMA and Type N the actual frequency bands offered range from 10 MHz to 2.5 GHz through to 50 KHz to 50 GHz with DC voltage capability to 100 Volts and current capacity to 2.5 Amps.

Commenting on the new product introduction, AtlanTecRF Product Manager, Joanna Bolton, said “These new Bias Tees enable DC power to be added to or subtracted from an RF signal line very efficiently, for the powering of amplifiers and other active circuitry in telecommunications and data transmission systems”.

A typical configuration would be a combination of male and female RF connectors for direct insertion into a RF line-up while the DC element is interfaced with a choice of solder post or a coaxial connector type, such as BNC.

RF performance of a 50GHz unit includes 1.80:1 VSWR and 0.5 dB insertion loss.

Many standard units are available from stock and AtlanTecRF also offers a complementary range of DC blocks from stock.

Full Specification for ABT Series of Bias Tees.