New Literature

Circuit, System and Software Magazine

This 24-page Analog Dialogue magazine is a forum for the exchange of information on circuits, systems and software for real-world signal processing. Single- and dual-axis micromachined accelerometers, advanced digital video encoders and voltage regulators for power management are discussed. New products are introduced.
Analog Devices Inc., Wilmington, MA (617) 937-1428.

Vector Product Selection Guide

This 36-page guide describes products for airborne and ground applications, including flight test and certification. Products include programmable data acquisition and signal conditioning systems, monitors and controllers, miniature and subminiature RF transmitters and receivers, telemetry and data links, and video compression encoders/decoders.
Aydin Telemetry, Newtown, PA (215) 968-4271.

Crystal and Oscillator International Source Book

This source book features surface-mount and through-hole quartz crystals, and temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO). Product data sheets are included with a part-numbering guide, electrical specifications and mechanical dimensions. Additional details on environmental marketing and tape-and-reel specifications and solder pad layouts are provided. Product photographs are included.
Ecliptek Corp., Costa Mesa, CA (800) 325-4783.

Synthesized Signal Generator Brochure

This six-page brochure details high performance signal generation for versa module Eurocard bus extension for instrumentation systems, including spectral purity, complex modultation performance, flexible programming, waveform simulation, and size and weight. Specifications are provided.
EIP Microwave Inc., Milpitas, CA (800) 232-3471 or (408) 945-1477.

Semiconductor Assembly Sealing Clip Brochure

This six-page brochure describes the company’s clip line designed for use in lid/package sealing in ovens or belt furnaces. Specifications and product photographs are included.
Electro Assembly Source Inc. (EAS), Greensburg, PA (412) 838-7023.

Digital Design and Debug Catalog

The 24-page catalog designed for software/hardware engineers, firmware designers and systems integrators highlights prototype debug tools for solving design problems. Products include logic analyzers, emulators, processor probes, mixed-signal oscilloscopes and peripheral component interconnect bus verification tools.
Hewlett-Packard Co., Test and Measurement Organization, Palo Alto, CA (800) 452-4844, ext. 5191.

Product Catalog

This 1296-page catalog offers technical information on more than 50,000 products, including the company’s models MUSIC SSA 1394, MicroCross™ EVC, Zyton, universal serial bus and ZIF PGA sockets. A standard page format for uniform, easy-to-find product information is provided. Standardized product drawings are included.
Molex Inc., Lisle, IL (800) 786-6539.

Product Catalog

This 98-page catalog offers product information on adapter kits, tools and accessories, cables, adapters and connectors. An adapter identifier, assembly and mounting guide, and mounting configurations section are included. Product photographs are provided.
RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries, San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728 or (619) 549-6340.

Coaxial Cable, Microwave Absorber and Wire Harness Brochure

This four-page brochure details flexible coaxial cable assemblies, semirigid cable assemblies and microwave absorbers for high performance applications. Product photographs are included. Ordering information is provided.
SRC Cables Inc., Santa Rosa, CA (707) 573-1900.

Chip Inductor Catalog

This 18-page catalog outlines chip inductors, including multilayer, wirewound and air core SMD. Packaging specifications and testing methods are described. Features are listed. Soldering conditions, recommendations for use and a list of available design kits are included.
Toko America Inc., Mount Prospect, IL (800) 745-8656.

Frequency Generation and Control Product Brochure

This six-page brochure details the company’s frequency generation and control products, including VCXOs, VCOs, surface acoustic wave filters, oven-controlled crystal oscillators, space oscillators and TCXOs. Specifications are listed. Product photographs are provided.
Vectron International,a Dover Technologies company, Norwalk, CT (203) 853-4433.

Connector Brochure

This four-page brochure outlines the company’s MIL-PRF-39012-qualified connectors, including the SMA series plugs and jacks for flexible and semirigid cable, SMB series plugs and jacks for flexible cable with bulkhead and PCB receptacles, and SMC series plugs and jacks for flexible cable and bulkhead jacks for front and rear mounting.
Applied Engineering Products (AEP), New Haven, CT (203) 776-2813.

Microstrip Patch Antenna Brochure

This four-page brochure details the company’s PAS series microstrip patch antennas for use as primary radiators, reflector feeds and conformal array elements. Global Positioning System antennas and high gain patch antenna arrays also are discussed. Product photographs are included.
Antenna Research, Beltsville, MD (301) 937-8888.

Product Selection Guide Software

This product selection guide software describes electromagnetic interference shielding/grounding and thermal interface materials. The inPHorm software presents multiple-choice questions to create an application profile. Based on user responses, the software recommends products to best fit specified application needs.
Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp., Woburn, MA (617) 935-4850.

1997 Electronic Product Catalogs

These 1997 product catalogs (located on the Web at describe low noise block downconverters, a multistandard private cable headend system and the company’s audio/video scrambling system. Product photographs and specifications are included.
NII Norsat International Inc., Surrey, British Columbia, Canada (604) 597-6200.