Anite, together with HiSilicon has verified Release 10 LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) protocols in HiSilicon’s newly developed LTE-A chipset. Anite’s early availability of key features within its testing solutions has enabled the industry to develop LTE-A products in line with market requirements.

The Anite solution was used to verify HiSilicon’s new Balong720 chipset, which is claimed to be the world’s first LTE Cat6 platform supporting 20 MHz + 20 MHz Carrier Aggregation (CA). The close collaboration has resulted in the verification of new 3GPP RAN5 LTE-A CA protocol conformance test cases, using Anite’s Conformance Toolset – a protocol conformance and performance testing solution. LTE-A CA provides end-users with superior data rates through combining spectrum resources.

“Anite’s close collaboration with Hisilicon has played an important role in advancing key features of LTE technology’ said Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite. He continued, ‘This underlines Anite’s leadership position as a driving force behind the development of 3GPP RAN5 test cases and their subsequent inclusion in the device certification requirements of the Global Certification Forum (GCF).”