AWR Corp. in partnership with parent company National Instruments teamed with Texas Tech University to supply Microwave Office® RF/microwave software for use in a cancer research project that resulted in the invention of the revolutionary Smart Radar for non-invasively tracking tumors during radiation therapy.

“The combination of AWR software, LabVIEW, and PXI proved to be a key element in the successful development of our Smart Radar technology, said Changhzi Li, associate professor at Texas Tech University. “It was also a good package to revitalize traditional RF/microwave engineering courses at Texas Tech. The ease of use of the tools offered a good way to explain complex design concepts in a highly interactive approach and student interest was greatly boosted.”

As a result of the Smart Radar project, Professor Li was then able to take the lessons learned from that effort and use them to enhance and revitalized interest and enrollment in the university’s RF/microwave engineering program. Dr. Li shares that, “AWR and NI tools illustrate complicated microwave theories with ease. The use of these tools within the classroom inspired students from the beginning of the semester through to the final project. They gained theoretical knowledge but also valuable hands on experiences in design, fabrication, and characterization of microwave circuits.”

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