DragonWave Inc., a leading global supplier of packet microwave radio systems for mobile and access networks, announced the commercial availability of its 60 GHz technology in the Horizon® Compact+ and Avenue Link product lines. Currently in production, DragonWave’s 60 GHz products have already been deployed in successful small cell mobile operator trials. These products are well suited for metro deployment in small cell architectures due to their small form factor and high-capacity, low-delay transport capabilities. Because the 60 GHz spectrum is widely available and generally offered at a lower cost than other bands, the newly incorporated technology offers network operators more product options to cost effectively plan and deploy emerging small cell and LTE/LTE-A backhaul deployments around the world.

First deployments and small cell trials have verified the operational feasibility of 512 QAM at 60 GHz, with reaches over 1 Km. The integrated 5” antenna makes the 60 GHz Avenue Link product a logical choice for urban deployments on street furniture.  The initial deployments of 60 GHz have also achieved 0.1 ms delay to support LTE backhaul.  In addition, the trials characterized DragonWave’s unique bandwidth accelerator technology, with some trials yielding capacity and spectral efficiency improvements greater than 50%.

“60 GHz is globally available and emerging as a viable, low-cost spectrum that will be a key building block for large scale small cell networks, said Greg Friesen, vice president of product management, DragonWave. “We’re confident that the commercial release of this band adds a new, useful element to the operator’s toolbox and it is an important addition to our expanding Small Cell portfolio.”

 DragonWave's Horizon Compact+ all outdoor microwave system delivers the highest levels of spectral efficiency and reliability for carrier-grade delivery of advanced applications and services. DragonWave's Avenue link offers a hardened all-outdoor small cell backhaul solution that combines a high capacity packet microwave system, flat-mini antenna and system cover in a small, zoning-optimized form factor.