Adapters Group LR ePRWell-known for its comprehensive ranges of connectors and cable assemblies, AtlanTecRF has introduced its range of  high grade, yet affordable, coaxial adapters in the popular SMA and Type N series of interconnects.

Suitable for use to 18 GHz and in some cases to 26 GHz, these professional quality adapters are available from stock and feature materials well suited to commercial, defence and aerospace environments.

The connector combinations include all male/female types, both in-series and between-series, as well as the classic mount options of bulkhead female and 4-hole flange.

Making the announcement, Product Marketing Manager, Karen McDermott, said: “We are proud to introduce this much requested range of high quality Adapters and anticipate a high take-up due to both specification and affordability.”

Typical of performance is the SMA male to Type N male S006-SF which provides VSWR better than 1.25:1 to 18 GHz with an operating temperature to +120C in a stainless steel bodied, Teflon insulated compact design”.

Also included in the range are the S191-CCSF SMA female/female, the S299-CCSF SMA male/female and the S170-CCSF bulkhead female, as well as equivalents in the Type N series.