EMITE has included the R&S CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester from Rohde & Schwarz as a supported test solution for MIMO Over-the-Air (OTA) testing. The R&S CMW500 is now fully integrated into the EMITE MIMO Graphic User Interface test software, and has been successfully demonstrated to customers worldwide.

"We are glad to have the Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 base station simulator integrated in our solutions, which has completed our MIMO OTA test solution to cover all possible brands,” said David Sanchez-Hernandez, CEO and co-founder of EMITE. "We have the fastest and most cost effective MIMO OTA test solution in the market, and the successful integration of the R&S CMW500 adds an unheard-of flexibility to a winning solution for LTE-A with carrier aggregation (CA) and 2x2 MIMO OTA."

The R&S CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester is ideally suited to work in this setup. With its wide test capability and support of not only LTE but also all other radio communication standards up to LTE-A it is the most compact and flexible solution on the market.

EMITE’s unique mode-stirred reverberation chamber solutions (MSRC) provide for variety of fading scenarios at a fraction of the cost of alternative anechoic chamber-based test solutions. Along with conventional realistic uniform, isotropic Rayleigh fading profiles for MIMO OTA testing, the EMITE solutions are claimed to be the only ones also offering other standardized fading profiles using the patented Sample Selection technique, something unheard of in the wireless arena until now.