Nujira Ltd., the world’s leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, has welcomed the publication of the MIPI Alliance Analog Reference Interface for Envelope Tracking (eTrak) specification. Nujira has worked closely with the MIPI Alliance since the formation of the ACI Working Group in November 2011, contributing to the development of a standardised specification that provides interoperability between multiple 3G/4G modem chipsets and Envelope Tracking Power Supplies (ETPS).

The eTrak specification, which has already been incorporated by multiple modem and ETPS vendors, allows dynamic control of the supply voltage of RF power amplifiers, which improves the efficiency of the transmitter, one of the three large power consuming elements in a mobile device. The specification enables vendors to work effectively with one another while giving OEMs confidence that the components needed to create leading-edge products will be available from a number of sources.

Nujira’s own NCT-L1300 ET power modulator is already designed to be compatible with the eTrak interface, which supports the full 20MHz bandwidth required by 4G LTE.

Tim Haynes, CEO commented: “Nujira is proud to be a contributor to the eTrak specification, and believes that open standards like eTrak are integral to the future success of Envelope Tracking. The highest system performance can only be achieved with the right interface, and we welcome the introduction of products that unlock the full performance potential of Envelope Tracking.

“We fully expect ET to achieve a 100% attach rate in smartphones and other categories of wireless devices in the next year, which would simply not be possible without the work done by the MIPI Alliance in producing the final specification.”

The eTrak specification is available for members to download from the MIPI Alliance website and is available under MIPI Alliance IP rules.