SFD-753114-10SF-N1Model SFD-753114-10SF-N1 is a GaAs Schottky beamlead diode based W band waveguide detector with negative output voltage polarity. The detector has 800mV/mW small signal detection sensitivity and +/-2.0 dB flatness in the entire 75 to 110 GHz operation frequency bandwidth.

This model has 10 MHz video bandwidth and 1MΩ video output impedance and can handle up to +20 dBm input power. The detector is equipped with standard WR-10 waveguide and UG 387/U-M flange as RF interface and SMA(F) as DC output port.

SAGE Millimeter waveguide detector family is offered in various waveguide bands to cover frequency range from 18 to 140 GHz. Either positive or negative output voltage polarities are available.