Nujira Ltd., a leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, has selected ASE as its production packaging and test partner for its Coolteq.L family of High Accuracy Tracking ET ICs.

With ET technology set to be adopted across the LTE smartphone industry in 2013, Nujira is ramping its Coolteq.L family to volume production. The company is addressing the demanding supply chain requirements of its customers, which include several household names in the handset industry, by partnering with industry leading manufacturing services companies such as ASE. Providing flexibility and superior customer support, ASE enables Nujira to achieve its packaging and test objectives quickly and effectively, whilst still maintaining high quality standards.

Nujira selected ASE’s flip-chip Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging (WL-CSP) to meet the stringent performance requirements for its Coolteq.L ET chips, which are claimed to deliver the highest bandwidth, fastest slew rates, and lowest output impedance available in the market.

Patrick McNamee, VP of Silicon Operations, Nujira commented: “Moving into volume production is a huge step for the company, so it is absolutely critical that we select world-class supply chain partners to ensure every step of the process runs smoothly, and support the rapid volume ramps expected by our customers.

“As the world’s largest semiconductor packaging and test company, ASE offers us the expertise, capacity, reliable quality and fast cycle time we need to address the high volume, fast-moving smartphone market, and we welcome them as a key part of our world class supply chain.”

Fuyu Shih, ASE’s VP of Sales & Marketing within Europe, added: “Nujira’s technology has demonstrated potential to significantly impact the mobile handset market, so we are pleased to provide solid manufacturing and business partnership at this key point in the company’s evolution. Through delivering our proven packaging technologies and demanded capacity, we believe Nujira will move into high volume production with ease, hence more readily meeting demands of an extremely dynamic market.”