Fast Solid-State Tuner

Maury Microwave’s MACH2.7 solid state automated impedance tuner is the ideal solution for high speed VSWR testing. New calibration algorithms characterize the tuner at up to 250 frequencies in as little as 10 minutes, which means more time is spent measuring your device. Fast tuning delivers up to 1000 user-defined impedance states per second, between 1:1 and 15:1 VSWR, designed specifically for high speed pre-production and production testing.

Since the tuner is compact in size at 5.775" × 7.194" × 2.095" and weighs only 2.2 lbs, the MACH2.7 is small enough to integrate into most automated test setups. The MACH2.7 can be controlled via USB or Ethernet, using Maury’s DLL or direct ASCII commands, and is easily implemented in any automated test software. Each unit comes with a MT1020F power supply, USB cable, Ethernet cable, Quick Start Guide, flash drive with Utility Software and operating manual (electronic).

Key features:

  • High speed impedance tuning
  • Fast wideband calibration
  • High repeatability/high accuracy
  • Small size/footprint
  • Dual TCP/IP and USB serial interfaces for simple, fast and reliable control
  • COM and DLL-Stle control library
  • Ideal for ruggedness testing (VSWR testing)
  • TTL input/output triggers for measurement synchronization.

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