Indra has won a contract to install its satellite communication systems in the T-404 logistical support ships of the Elbe class of the German Navy. The contract, which runs for three years, includes the manufacture, installation, testing and training of the ships' crews.

These terminals will allow the ships to establish secure communication anywhere in the world and in the most difficult conditions.T-404 ships normally work as support ships, transporting fuel, food and water to help with sea operations.

They can also act as medical ships. This new contract strengthens the relationship between Indra and the German Navy, with which it has been working as a technology supplier for many years. The company has already installed its terminals for communicating via high transmission capacity satellites in four type F-122 frigates and U-212 submarines in Germany.

Indra is also a leading company internationally in the development and installation of advanced systems of this type for submarines. The company has equipped submarines of the U-212 and U-214 classes, Kilo class and S-70 from different countries with these systems. The future S80 submarine being constructed in Spain will also carry this system.