Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) announced the release of MB51T008A, a silicon substrate-based, GaN power device that features a breakdown voltage of 150 V. The new device, which enables normally-off operations, is claimed to be capable of achieving roughly one half the figure of merit (FOM) of silicon-based power devices with an equivalent breakdown voltage.

With the addition of the new product to its line-up, Fujitsu Semiconductor will be able to offer GaN devices that contribute to smaller, more efficient power supplies for a wide range of fields, from home appliances and ICT equipment to automotive and industrial applications. Sample quantities of the new product will be made available starting July 2013, with volume production scheduled to begin in 2014.

The MB51T008A has a number of advantages, including on-state resistance of 13 mΩ and total gate charge of 16 nC, which enables roughly half the FOM of silicon-based power devices with an equivalent breakdown voltage. It is characterised by minimal parasitic inductance and high-frequency operations through the use of WLCSP packaging; and a proprietary gate design that enables normally-off operations.

The new device is suitable for high-side switches and low-side switches in DC-DC converters employed in power supplies for data communications equipment, industrial products, and automobiles. In addition, because it supports a higher switching frequency in power supply circuits, power supplies can achieve improvements in overall size and efficiency.

In addition to MB51T008A, which features a breakdown voltage of 150 V, Fujitsu Semiconductor is also developing models with breakdown voltages of 600 V and 30 V, thereby helping to enable enhanced power efficiency in a wide range of product areas. These GaN power devices are based on the High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) technology, which Fujitsu Laboratories has led the development since the 1980s. Building on the rich IP portfolio of the technology, the company will rapidly bring its GaN power devices to market. It also plans to build partnerships with customers across a wide range of industries, in order to expand its business further.