LTCC High Power Attenuators

RCAT attenuators have high power handling of 2 W and wideband width from DC to 20 GHz. The devices are fixed value absorptive attenuators. The thermally optimized design can operate reliably at much higher input power as compared to similar devices. The high precision and repeatable monolithic attenuator chip is processed using the most advanced semiconductor processing techniques. The Cu filled through-die vias and Cu metallization on the backside provide a very low thermal resistance path to dissipate the attenuated power.

The attenuator chip is packaged in an LTCC hermetic package utilizing fully automated and highly reliable manufacturing processes. They are assembled in a miniature 2.25 × 2.25 × 1.1 mm ceramic package. The highly reliable hermetic package provides predictable and repeatable performance in military applications including ground, air and ship requirements.

Mini-Circuits offers a wide variety of cost effective fixed attenuators including surface mount based designs and MMIC and connectorized units up to 26 GHz with power handling up to 100 W that include both DC blocking and DC passing.  Their digitally controlled and voltage variable attenuators provide accurate control and resolution with flat performance over very broad frequency ranges up to 7 GHz.

Brooklyn, NY