DF782_gva50Ω 869 - 2170 MHz

Mini-Circuits GVA-91+ (RoHS compliant) is an advanced wideband amplifier fabricated using GaAs HBT technology, offering high gain and excellent power output with excellent power added efficiency in applica­tion bands. Lead finish is tin-silver over nickel. It has repeatable performance from lot to lot and is housed in an SOT-89 package for very good thermal performance.

  • High power, 29.5 dBm typ. at 920 MHz
  • High gain, 20.4 dB typ.
  • High power added efficiency

 Key Features:



Optimized over 869 – 960 MHz and 2110 – 2170 MHz

Matched for best power added efficiency in primary wireless communications bands: Cellular and LTE.

Application Circuit with component values provided to minimize design effort at customer end.

High power output at P1dB:

• 29 dBm over 869-960 MHz

• 27 dBm over 2110-2170 MHz

With a power added efficiency at 41-54%, GVA-91+ delivers high power with low DC power consumption.

High gain:

• 20.4 dB typ. at 920 MHz

• 15.9 dB typ. at 2140 MHz

High gain results in fewer amplifier stages and cost savings.

Excellent ESD:

• HBM: class 2 (2000 to <4000V)

• MM: class M1 (50 to <100V)

Built-in ESD protection for a robust product.