Alpha Micro Wireless has signed an agreement with European antenna innovators, 2J Antenna to supply its customers with a broad range of high quality TS16949/ISO9001 certified external and embedded antenna solutions.

2J’s antenna portfolio is targeted at wireless customers such as electricity utilities and SMART meter vendors as well as geo-location, insurance telematics, marine, medical and vehicular tracking customers that are looking to integrate wireless communications such as; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, ISM band, cellular 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity as well as satellite Iridium, GPS, Glonass and other emerging communication standards into their wireless applications.

Commenting on this franchised distribution agreement, Norm Smith, President and CEO of Alpha Micro Wireless, said, “Our wireless customers have come to expect superior antenna design services and RF integration services from Alpha Micro, coupled with excellence in technical sales support and product knowledge.

“The addition of 2J Antenna to our franchised product line portfolio complements our own in-house Alpha Micro Wireless custom antenna design capabilities which gives Alpha Micro’s customers access to a much broader range of high quality and cost competitive commercial off the shelf antennas that span satellite, mesh network and terrestrial cellular network access.”

Steve Harris, Director, 2J (UK) Antenna, responded, “Alpha Micro Wireless demonstrates a keen technical understanding of its customers’ needs in the various Wireless communications markets it serves. They have a unique combination of RF engineering and technical sales skills and as a result develop strong customer relationships. These skills together with their on-site 3D antenna range in Northern California adds real value for the end-customer and 2J Antenna.

“Our 2J world class engineered antenna products are the perfect complement for Alpha Micro’s antenna development and measurement services capabilities, our own state of the art anechoic chamber coupled with our engineering excellence is renowned, added to this is our rapid prototyping service and in house manufacturing capability. We are proud to partner with Alpha Micro Wireless in this new sales initiative in North America.”