Rohde & Schwarz presents the new midrange R&S ZNB20 and R&S ZNB40 vector network analyzers for frequency ranges from 100 kHz to 20 GHz and from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. These powerful analyzers are equipped with two test ports and offer outstanding measurement characteristics that are on a similar level as high-end instruments. A dynamic range of up to 135 dB makes the new instruments perfect for tasks such as performing measurements on high-blocking DUTs such as filters.    

The R&S ZNB20 offers a large dynamic range even at its start frequency of 100 kHz. This makes it possible to perform precise measurements on wideband DUTs or components whose behavior at low frequencies is especially important. The measurement time of only 5 ms with 401 points delivers high throughput in production. The broad electronic control range of the output level up to 70 dB allows quick analysis of the small and large signal behavior of active components. The large selection of calibration methods ensures that users are always able to make the right choice for the specific application.    

The new R&S ZNB vector network analyzers have a touchscreen for intuitive, convenient operation. The advanced operating concept featuring a very flat menu structure helps users find the necessary instrument functions in no more than three steps. The 30 cm (12.1") screen is the largest of all network analyzers on the market, offering plenty of room for a clear display of the measurement results.    

Thanks to the short depth, the R&S ZNB20 and R&S ZNB40 leave users with plenty of desktop space for measurement applications. The low power consumption and sophisticated cooling concept keep operating noise and heat dissipation to a minimum, thereby reducing operating costs.    

 The R&S ZNB20 and R&S ZNB40 two-port models are now available from Rohde & Schwarz. A four-port model of the R&S ZNB20 will be joining the R&S ZNB family in fall 2013.