San-tron Inc., (, a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, is pleased to announce that they’ll be displaying a variety of innovative RF/Microwave coaxial connectors and cable assemblies in booth #520 at the 2013 International Microwave Symposium June 4-6th at the Seattle Convention Center. With a rockin’ theme, including a giveaway of one of the hottest tech toys―a Jawbone Jambox portable bluetooth hi-fi system―San-tron will be reviewing some of their most revolutionary coaxial designs.

The first is an enhanced line of low PIM cable assemblies called SRX. In addition to making recent design and manufacturing enhancements to this series of high-performance/low-PIM cable assemblies―improving both stability and repeatability―the line includes newly released flexible SRX-141 cable, created exclusively for San-tron with design enhancements to prevent chafing and to improve stability under vibration. The SRX™ cable assemblies serve commercial PIM-sensitive environments from in-cabinet to long-haul up through 6 GHz, and military/avionics environments through 20 GHz. The SRX line now also includes 19 different within and between series low PIM coaxial adapters. 

San-tron will also be discussing their line of S292 2.92 mm connectors that perform up through K-band, or 40 GHz. Initiating a design standardized to a popular glass-to-metal feedthru, San-tron has developed a transitional RF geometry that greatly reduces the tolerance sensitivity of the final interconnection and is RF matched to the dielectric properties of Corning glass #7070. The result is VSWR of < 1.04 through 12 GHz and < 1.18 through 40 GHz.

Also on display will be San-tron’s high performance eSeries connectors and cable assemblies. These robust connectors employ an extended ferrule for a secure, long-lasting connector-to-cable bond even with repeated cable flexures. This is further strengthened by a novel, failure-proof coupling nut. The eSeries connectors also feature a solder-free captivated center contact and a solder-damming positive cable stop that ensures consistent positioning of cable to connector during cable-assembly manufacturing. The end result is consistent, broadband, low-VSWR performance for RF and microwave cable assemblies based on these eSeries connectors. These weatherproof, 50-Ohm connectors are available in the most popular connector configurations, including eSMA, Type N, 7/16, and TNC styles, and are designed to mate with commercial low-loss flexible cables.

Additional items debuting for the first time will be a line of high performance test cables and pressurized connectors.

 Stop by the San-tron booth #520 to learn more and to enter to win a Jawbone, or visit their website at